Friday, 23 December 2011

Brief Mission statement

Bismillahir Rahmaanir Raheem

Ansarul Yateem Khorasan has been formulated to provide urgent support and development to the victims of the the ruthless drone attacks perpetrated by imperialistic  forces .

The intention of this community based organisation is to provide  basic relief , food , shelter , clothing , infrastructure ,volunteers , rations,  doctors and medical supplies  in a holistic sustainable manner and further support social justice  and the human rights [ afforded to us  by Allah SWT]  of the local community through consciousness raising of this appalling situation currently taking place in this region .
The main focus of this charitable  organisation to relieve the pain of the suffering, the orphans and widows and the oppressed  as Allah Azza wa Jall has commanded us to be the helpers of those in need so we will in turn be helped when we are in need , either in this life or the next , Al humdu Lillah

Ansarul Yateem  is in its infancy and is requesting support to forward this necessary endeavor , any slave of Allah who wishes to  collaborate with the Ansar ul Yateem team and gain Allah 's pleasure please contact us , we would be most grateful for your input whether its to do with the organisation , its development , assisting in this blog or spreading awareness of the plight of the victims of imperialistic aggression . Jazakillah khayrum

May our intention be solely to gain Allah's pleasure and right the wrongs ameen

Wa ilaa Rabbika fargab
And strive to please thy Lord

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