Sunday, 19 February 2012

Constitution Of Ansar Ul Yateem

Ansar Ul Yateem

The name of the Trust is Ansar ul Yateem (Human Rights, Resource, Defense & Development Trust, hereafter would be referred as Trust).
The Registered Office of the Trust will be situated in Islamabad Capital Territory.

The objective for which the Trust is established will be all or any of the followings;

To work for all the matters which can contribute towards the welfare and betterment of widows, Orphans, Prisoners, Poor, destitute, neglected communities including areas  like Federal Administered Areas ( Tribal Areas ) and families effected from the War Against Terror, further including areas and persons effected from natural calamities like Earth quakes, Floods, Famine, etc 

To fight against extremism, radicalism, community empowerment through capacity building and also to work for human rights, human resource and human development.
To advance the social welfare of the Community, citizens of Pakistan and other nationals residing legally in Pakistan by identifying their problems while contributing to their solutions.

To advance Community empowerment through capacity building, building of state institutions, like judiciary, police professors and students, jail authorities, providing free legal assistance to prisoners, who could not have legal representation before the court,  jail inmates including juvenile delinquents, working for probation department and also supporting government in reintegration of offenders in the society so that they may be able to contribute as a progressive citizen of the country, trainees of training (TOT) etc.

To establish and train different committees for the welfare of the community and through their involvement and assistance manage the operations of the foundation in the different part of the country, to start with this exercise following committees would be created, later these committees would be increased as per the requirement of the foundation: 

Reform Committees, Human Rights Committees, Human Resource Committees, Jail Committees, Police Committees, Judicial Committees, Development Committees, Evaluation & Monitoring Committees including these committees International Committees would also be formed so that international standards of development may be achieved while working for the welfare of the lower strata, deprived  and neglected segments of the society.

To generate funds from national and international governments, organizations, individuals and communities while educating and briefing them about the problems of the people in Pakistan and also to seek their specialization, support and assistance in meeting the needful effectively.
To act as representatives in the matters associated with prisoners, probation, and reclamation, integration of prisoners after their release in the society, juvenile delinquents/offenders and jail reforms.

 To establish, manage or give grants to run educational/religious institution including alternative methods of learning, in Pakistan to increase the capabilities and skills of the people.

To give award stipends to bright and distinguished students, support to societies, associations, community centres, mosques, libraries, educational and religious institutions in making their contributions effective in educating the masses and bringing awareness though workshops, trainings and other learning methods; and to arrange different learning events for all kind of organizations for their capacity building including seminars, conferences and national a& international day events.

 To open offices and establish branches for conducting the operations of the Trust in any part of Pakistan or outside Pakistan.

To establish or manage or to invest in commercial, industrial or service enterprises for strengthening the Trust, making it self sufficient in order smooth its operations in more sustainable and long lasting manner.

To purchase, effect, hire, take on lease and accept land from the Government by way of grant, exchange or otherwise acquire land, buildings and easement rights of any movable or immovable properties.

To manage, sell, improve, develop, lease, mortgage, dispose off or otherwise deal with all or any of the property of the Trust.

To collect and edit material for and undertake printing and publishing of pamphlets, reports, journals, periodicals, dailies or other works of publications.

To invest the money of the Trust is such manner as may from time to time be determined and appropriate for carrying the operations and meeting the objectives of the Trust effectively.

To make policies, rules and regulations and do all acts, deeds and things required incidental or necessary for the management of the Trust.

Without prejudice to the above, the Trust may undertake any other activity to achieve its objectives as it may deem fit in the circumstances.

Notwithstanding anything contained herein the income and property of the Trust, whatsoever derived shall be applied solely towards the promotion of the objectives of the Trust as set forth in the constitution and no portion thereof shall be paid or transferred, directly or, indirectly or otherwise, howsoever, by way of profit to the persons who at any time are or have been Founders, Trustees or Members of the Trust or to any of them or to any persons claiming through any of them. 

  PROVIDED that nothing herein contained shall prevent the payment of any remuneration to any officer, or servants in the full time or part time employment of the Trust or to any Member, who is in full time employment of the Trust.
No changes or additions shall be made in the Constitution of the Trust except the applicable law.

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